How to get to the venue

Emissions offset and travel by train

We encourage all participants of the conference to investigate possibilities to travel to Lyngby/Copenhagen by train. Below are links that provide some information on options to travel to Lyngby/Copenhagen by train.

Should you decide to travel by air, you may wish to consider offsetting travel-related emissions through donations to solar, biomass, or energy-efficiency projects.

Within the registration for the conference you will have the option to compensate the CO2 emission through a project managed by

Alternatively, you may compensate the CO2 emissions separately through services or other similar organisations:

Information on public transportation

From the Airport to Central Copenhagen

Copenhagen Airport is located approximately 10 km south-east of center of Copenhagen, and is served by Metro and trains. The trip to central Copenhagen is about 15 min. Train and metro tickets can be purchased at DSB's ticket office in Terminal 3. In addition, you can purchase different types of tickets (for the Capital Region) at the ticket machines.

From the train and bus station Nørreport in central Copenhagen to the conference venue

By bus from the train station Nørreport

Take bus 150S (every 5 min during rush hours) or 15 E from Nørreport station to Rævehøjvej, DTU (150S direction Gl. Holte or Kokkedal, 15 E direction-Nærum Station or Søhuset). The trip is about 20 min. The bus stop at Nørreport is to the far eastern end of the area. See the photos here. The bus stop Rævehøjvej/DTU is on the highway within walking distance from the conference venue. The bus stops in the DTU area are shown as red numbers in the Map of Lyngby campus

By S-train from Nørreport

Take the S-train (line E: direction Lyngby, Holte or Hillerød) to Lyngby, it takes about 20 min, then change to bus 300S (direction Gl. Holte),180 (morning only), 181 or 190 that bring you to DTU in about 5-10 min and stop at Anker Engelundsvej just outside the conference venue.

The EMS provides a bus shuttleservice from Lyngby station to the DTU campus in the mornings and from DTU to the station in the evening after the sessions.

Tickets and Prices for the public transport system in the wider Copenhagen area

Public transport in Copenhagen uses a common pricing and zoning system, which is divided into coloured zones.


In Copenhagen you can transfer freely between buses, trains and the Metro on the same ticket or card, provided that you do so within the time and zones of which your ticket is valid.
The cost of your journey in Greater Copenhagen depends on how many zones you need to pass through to get from A to B and what type of ticket you buy.

Zone ticket

Single journey tickets: You can buy a single trip ticket that is valid in the zones you travel in within the zone map. You can buy it from the bus driver on the bus if you have small change, from the ticket machines at the stations, or you can use an app on your mobile phone.

  • Each zone costs DKK 12, but you always pay for a minimum of 2 zones, which is DKK 24. The trip from the airport to Lyngby passes 5 zones, for the trip from central Copenhagen a ticket for 4 zones is required.
  • The zone ticket is valid for between 1 and 2 hours depending on the number of zones you have bought your ticket for (2 zones 1:15, 3 zones 1:30, 4 zones 1:45 and 5 zones 2 hours)
  • An adult with a valid ticket can take two children under the age of 12 free of charge.

City pass: Instead of buying a ticket each time you travel you can buy a citypass for 24h, 48h, 72h, 96h or 120h, depending on how long you stay in Copenhagen. There are two types of city passes:

  • City Pass Small (Zone 1-4: this does not include Lyngby!)
  • City Pass Large (Zone 1-99)
  • Details on costs for the city passes and maps of the zones are available a from "Din Offentlige Transport".

    Reisekort:You can also have the option to use the electronic “Rejsekort”, which provides you the option to by the cheapest type of ticket for your journeys (an anonymous rejsekort can be bought at Seven Eleven at Nørreport station, 80 DKK).

Where to buy tickets

You can purchase tickets at most train stations, in a number of kiosks and from the metro ticket machines located in all metro stations. The machines accept Danish coins and all major credit cards. You can also buy a ticket on the bus, but you need to pay in cash in Danish kroner.
Alternatively you can purchase a ticket by downloading the mobile app 'DOT Mobilbilletter' for local tickets in and around Copenhagen. Choose English as the language in the app.

More details at "Din Offentlige Transport".

Travel times

To plan your journey and find out about schedules you may use the Journeyplanner.

Further information on the local transportation is available at

By taxi from the Airport to the conference venue:

A taxi from Copenhagen Airport to the Lyngby campus will cost about 600 DKK (80 EUR), from downtown Copenhagen to the venue about 350 DKK (47 EUR).

Contact details for several taxi companies are available at the DTU website

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