Presenter guidelines: poster

Poster preparation

Recommendations by the Programme and Science Committee (PSC) for Poster Presentations

Photo and video taking by the audience: It is not allowed to take photos or videos of scientific material shown in any oral or poster presentation unless the presenter authorizes this. Please inform the audience if you welcome photos and their sharing on social media by including an official graphic "photography encouraged" (download PNG, JPG, PDF)| "photography NOT allowed" (download PNG, JPG, PDF) on your poster.

The posters will be on display at two different display times:

  • Monday, 09:00 to Wednesday, 12:30
  • Wednesday, 13:30 to Friday, 13:30

For each session an "author in attendance"-time has been scheduled. Authors are also encouraged to be present at their poster during coffee break times in general.

For details on author in attendance and display time for each session see the table below.

Poster withdrawals and no-shows: As the organisation and scheduling of poster presentations is a challenge, and empty poster boards are frustrating to look at during the conferene week, it would be greatly appreciated if authors who already know that their poster can not be presented - for whatever reason - would withdraw their abstract from the session programme as soon as their decision has been taken. Please note, that we monitor the no-shows during the conference, and the related abstracts will then be withdrawn from the session programme. Thank you.

Display time

Authors are kindly asked to put up their posters as soon as possible within the according display time in order to enable the conference participants and the selection committee for the poster award to view their posters at any time within the display time. Fixing material (double sided tape) is available at the registration & information desk.

Authors are asked to take the posters down on Wednesday between 12:30–13:00 (Display time: Monday to Wednesday), and on Friday between 13:30–14:00 (Display time: Wednesday to Friday). Posters that have not been removed within this dismantling time will be removed and disposed off.

The number of each poster and of its corresponding poster board is given in the appropriate session programme.

Poster boards

Please note that this year the format of poster boards will be portrait, 94 cm width x 133 cm height. We recommend to use posters in the format A0-portrait.

Poster award

To participate in the poster award competition authors were asked to tick the relevant box during abstract submission or register their participation by 1 July 2019 via the OPA participation form.

Poster pitches (poster introductions)

We recommend authors of poster presentations are prepared to provide a summary (1–2 min/1–2 slides) of their contribution during the respective oral session.

For most sessions time for such poster pitches is foreseen during the oral programme; please check the programme of your session on the website or in the ems2019-app for details and prepare one or two slides for this purpose. You may also be asked ad hoc by the session chair for a summary presentation in case a gap should occur in the oral programme.

You may also be contacted by the convener before the conference with the request to provide two key sentences and/or one slide about your poster. If you wish, inform the convener of your session whether you would be prepared to give an oral presentation should gaps occur.

Details on software available on the laptops in the lecture rooms can be found in the guidelines for oral presentations.

Peter Kalverla, the winner of the EMS Outstanding Poster Award at the EMS Annual Meeting 2018 produced a video of his poster pitch for the EMS2019.

Display time and Author in Attendance time for each session

Display Time Author in Attendance (by sessions)

Monday, 09:00
Wednesday, 12:30

Dismantling: Wednesday, 12:30–13:00

Monday, 19:15–20:30
ES1.1, ES1.7, OSA1.11, UP1.5, UP2.8, UP3.6

Tuesday, 10:00–11:00
OSA1.2, UP1.5, UP2.4, UP2.9

Tuesday, 16:30–18:30
OSA1.10, UP1.7

Wednesday, 09:30–10:30
ES1.2, ES1.3, OSA1.3, OSA1.9, OSA2.1, OSA2.2, OSA2.3, OSA3.7, UP2.1, UP2.2, UP3.1, UP3.5

Wednesday, 13:30
Friday, 13:30

Dismantling: Friday, 13:30–14:00

Thursday, 09:30–10:30
ES2.1, OSA1.5, OSA1.7, OSA3.5, UP1.3, UP1.6, UP2.5, UP2.6 UP2.7, UP3.2, UP3.7

Friday, 10:30–11:30
ES1.4, ES1.6, ES2.2,OSA1.4, OSA1.6, OSA2.4, OSA3.1, OSA3.2, OSA3.3, OSA3.4, UP1.1, UP1.2, UP1.4, UP2.3, UP3.3, UP3.4

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