Good to know

This page summarizes some useful information for EMS Annual Meeting 2019 attendees:

  • Photo and video taking by the audience: Taking photos or videos of scientific material shown in any oral or poster presentation is not allowed unless the presenter authorizes this. Presenters are asked to inform the audience whether they welcome photos and their sharing on social media by including an official graphic "photography encouraged" (download PNG, JPG, PDF)| or "photography NOT allowed" (download PNG, JPG, PDF) on the first (or all) slide(s)/poster.
  • Wi-Fi: Eduroam is available in the entire venue. Participants not using Eduroam can log in to the DTU guest wi-fi. Connect to the network "dtuguest" and enter your email address. You will get 10 min of internet access in order to confirm your email address by clicking the corresponding link in the confirmation email. The log in is valid for the entire day.
  • Bring your own cup: We encourage everyone to bring their own reusable cup/water bottle. Water fountains/dispensers are available in the canteen area and poster area.
  • Bus shuttles: Shuttle, marked with "EMS2019" will run from Lyngby station to the DTU campus in the mornings and from DTU to the station in the evening after the sessions. Check the detailed time table.
  • Programme book: During abstract submission 80% of the authors indicated that they would not need a programme book; thus, only a limited number of copies will be printed. Public copies for everyone's use will be available throughout the conference venue; personal copies are available on request at the registration desk. The programme book will also be available for download.
  • Mobile app: The EMS2019 mobile app is available for iPhones and Android smartphones (the link redirects you to the proper app version download for your particular device). The advantage of the mobile app is that it runs offline. For pure online access to the programme, the Annual Meeting website and all programme views are mobile-optimized.
  • Where to eat: Please download the "Where to eat at DTU" PDF information.
  • Paying for food in the canteen: There are six self-service stations and one cashier station.
    • Place your dish on the scale.
    • Tap the button "Scale with plate" (upper purple).
    • Add any drinks by tapping the appropriate button (orange buttons). Water is available free of charge.
    • Tap "Payment" and pay with your credit card (contactless payment is possible).

PDF download of all "good to know" information

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