New Sessions 2019

Through the call for session proposals new sessions have been introduced into the programme of the EMS2019. They are listed below with the respective session number, sorted by the three Programme Streams.

In Programme Stream Engagement with Society (ES):

  • ES1.4: From hazards to impacts: understanding the mechanisms behind single and compound climate events
  • ES3.2: Round table on Accreditation, certification and quality management (included in ES3)

In Programme Stream Operational Systems and Applications (OSA):

  • OSA1.1: The challenges of modelling and observing the climate and weather of Greenland
  • OSA3.3: Climate Applications of satellite data
  • OSA3.6: Knowledge gaps in the chain between climate models to climate services

In Programme Stream Understanding Weather & Climate Processes (UP):

  • UP1.6: High-resolution precipitation monitoring and statistical analysis for hydrological and climate-related applications
  • UP1.7: Arctic and Antarctic Meteorology
  • UP2.6: Exploring the interfaces between meteorology and hydrology
  • UP2.7: European Regional Hydroclimate Projects helping understand water cycle processes and drivers
  • UP2.8: Phenology: observations, monitoring and modelling across a range of scales
  • UP2.9: Short lived climate forcers and climate in Arctic
  • UP3.7: Analysis and predictions of tropical cyclones from subseasonal to decadal time scales

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